AGNR Web Site Logs

We are currently in the process of revamping the stats. In the mean time you can access old stats via the links below. Bear in mind at that as the data is recompiling your site may not be updated, but old data is still available by using the date chooser at the top of your stat report.

Starting with Jan 2010, we will be excluding visitors coming from campus or UME offices. You will most likely see a downtrend in your data from 2009-2010 due to this change. But the new data should be a much more accurate depiction of your visitors. Unfiltered data will also be available via the tab below. Only use the unfiltered data if you need to track UMD/UME employees visiting your site.

Also starting in 2010 times have been adjusted to fit local time. Data from before 2010 is in GMT time instead of EST/ESD. This means that times are actually skewed by -4 to -5 hours. IE, a hit at 5AM actually occured at 12AM localtime. Data in 2010 should be accurate to localtime.